Social networks have become great phenomena and awesome ways to stay connected to people. In many ways, a social network like Facebook is a good place for marketing purpose to promote services and products.

Nonetheless, the internet has many other websites offering the same features with great numbers of active users as well. The good thing is that a user can create an account on each of many social network websites available to improve chances and possibilities for expanding business or simply to broaden friendship relations with millions of other users. Without any doubt, Facebook is outstandingly popular; this site is very well-designed with understandable layout, full of features, and easy-to-use options. The fact that Facebook is a great market to offer services and products is no longer questionable. However, Facebook is not the only place where users can create broad circle of friend and business relationships. In many cases, most people have at least one account on many different social network websites to boost the chances of gaining more profit for their businesses and more friends on the virtual world. Although the interface and features are different in some aspects, all social networks basically provide similar services. The following information contains best Facebook social networks alternatives to try.


The social network has been around years before Facebook becomes popular. Friendster is a good place to make new friends or for dating purpose. Users are provided with ranges of options to customize profile, upload photos and videos, and more.



The best thing from MySpace is the availability for bands to interact with fans. This special section is frequently used by bands to promote albums and concerts. Users can even download music to their profile pages. In most aspects, this website is similar to any other social network with customization features for profile page, photo and video upload, games, events, and blogs. YouTube and Hulu videos are as well available to watch.



In United States, Bebo is not very popular. This social network website is brought by AOL and very famous in Uk. One good thing about Bebo is that users are allowed to customize modules in their profile pages with simple drag-and-drop procedure. Other things are all similar including comments, and photo or video upload.


Different from many social networks, Mezee is advertisement free. Members can easily navigate through the features since all major categories are provided in the front page. Mezee also has online chat rooms, apps, and groups category.



This website is a typical social network. Netlog is not popular in United States; however, it has millions of users in Europe. All features are greatly similar to Facebook such as profile page, photos and videos, and some basic networking activities. Netlog is advertisement free. When you have at least one account on each of the mentioned Facebook social network alternative, it can be difficult to keep track on all activities you are doing. FriendFeed brings great ways to see all updates and activities in one single website only.

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