The social networks have totally changed the way we use the time we are online. Indeed, the power of the internet cannot be underestimated for it has brought us several platforms that have changed our day to day life.

From eBooks, e-libraries and other forms of education to entertainment platforms and now the social network. It is worth noting that the creative brains behind the social networks we have today deserve nothing but several round of applause. There are quite a number of social networks but Facebook and Twitter standout as the biggest of all.
In fact, internet reports show that these two social networks command a huge following running into millions of people from all over the world. The social networks can be used for several purposes, but this article categorically outlines how to use social networks for entertainment.

1. Although YouTube has no interactive user interface that allows various people to exchange conversations, it is by far the biggest social site that is used for entertainment. YouTube allows people to post various videos after which they can share with millions of people all over the world. Putting into consideration that music is the most favorite form of entertainment for the youth worldwide, it is possible that a majority of YouTube’s viewers comprise of the youth. However, the same site is used to air various news videos from media stations all over the world therefore there is a huge possibility that the older people also rely on YouTube for the latest news videos.

2. The revolutionary social networks, Facebook and twitter have as well presented various entertainment platforms. Just like YouTube, Facebook and twitter all people to post and watch various uploaded videos. Nevertheless, these two social networks have other dimensions of entertainment. They provide platforms in which different people sign up and join chat room sessions where they converse with relatives, friends and colleagues from around the globe. Although many may see this as a form of communication, a vast majority of the youth consider it a form of entertainment because the social networks allow them to chat with multiple people at the same time while making new friends and learning about other people’s welfare.

3. Another popular way to use social networks for entertainment is by streaming live feeds. Nowadays, it is exceedingly rare to find an entertainment celebrity who has not signed up with either of these popular social networking sites. In fact, most people visit their particular pages to catch up with the latest news regarding them. Actually, a majority of these celebrities stream their concerts and shows into these social networks where their fans and supports simply log in and follow the live proceeding of the event just as if they were physically attending the show.

4. There are other different ways that various people use the social networks for entertainment depending on their tastes and preferences. With the dynamism of the social networks, various forms of entertainment are devised almost on a daily basis. Conclusively, it is necessary to the social networks positively as ways of entertainment.

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